Apple To Introduce Voice Recognition “Assistant” Feature In iOS 5?

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, before it was unveiled at
As you know Apple didn’t mention it when it gave a preview of iOS 5. However, folks at 
 insist that an extensive voice recognition service is coming to iOS. They’ve also published a screenshot from an Apple iPhone test unit, which indicates that the feature will be called 
reliable source,
the feature doesn’t work only based on voice inputs, it will also make use of users related information such as location, contact information etc. to serve a user’s request. They explain one of the use cases:
We can imagine a user asking their iPhone “Assistant” to setup a movie with one of their friends. The user might say “setup movie with Mark” and based on Mark’s contact info and the user’s location data, will be able to offer tickets to a local theatre and send Mark the information.
source, Apple has recently started testing the feature and may not be finished by the time the next
/iPhone 4S is released, but they have discovered references to the Assistant feature in iOS SDK.
, so you can download it using this
to find out what it would mean to have Siri’s artificial intelligence and assistance technology deeply integrated into iOS 5.
Are you excited about the possibility of an extensive voice recognition service coming to iOS? Or do you think its too gimmicky without too much practical use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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