Verizon CFO Confirms iPhone 5 Will Work On CDMA And GSM Networks

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will be a dual-mode phone, which works on CDMA and GSM networks.
at the same time as AT&T.
While Verizon has sold fewer iPhones than some analysts expected, Shammo said he was happy with sales of the “six-month-old phone” that only works in some countries.
When the next iPhone model launches Verizon will be able to offer it at the same time as AT&T. Verizon’s version will also work in as many countries as AT&T’s iPhone , which has global coverage, Shammo said.
will support faster 4G LTE networks. Shammo had this to say on that topic:
Shammo said that even if the next iPhone does not support LTE, Verizon will have enough high-speed alternatives to sell.
“I think it’s a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us,” he said. “Depending on where Apple plays, that’s where we’ll sell.
and replace them with tiered plans like AT&T. The unlimited data plans is currently seen as a unique selling point of the
was launched.
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