The New Yorker Magazine For iPad Gets In-App Subscriptions – Has Condé Nast Got The Pricing Right?

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. Until now, iPad users didn’t have an option to subscribe for the magazine and had to buy single issues.
This limitation didn’t go down too well will readers as the single issues were quite expensive (priced at $4.99).
, which Apple had released back in February. The in-app subscription had generated a
when it was launched as Apple takes a 30 percent cut, which publishers argued was not economically feasible.
However, it looks like publishers like Condé Nast have come to an agreement with Apple to offer in-app subscriptions to iPad users. They announced the launch of in-app subscription for
on their blog.
Publishers were also concerned that Apple didn’t share subscriber information with them unless a user opted in to send the information to users. Condé Nast seems to workaround that issue by offering users “bonus content”, if they signed up in addition to using Apple ’s opt-in feature.
Conde Nast seems to have got the pricing right, it is offering 1 month subscription for $5.99 and 1 year subscription for $59.99, which is a savings of 74%.
iPad app also gives U.S. and Canadian print subscribers access to iPad issues at no additional cost. Conde Nast plans offer this feature to International subscribers and also to digital subscribers shortly.
To update to the latest version of The New Yorker app, visit the App Store on your iPad and select Updates or download it for free using this
in case you haven’t installed it already.
We believe that Conde Nast has got the pricing of the subscriptions right. It will be interesting to see if other publishers follow a similar pricing strategy and take advantage of the in-app subscription feature. What do you think? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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