Samsung Announces 10.1-inch 2560×1600 Display – Does It Mean iPad 3 Will Get Retina Display?

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WOW PRETTY SWEET CANT WAIT TO SEE IF SAMSUNG GONNA SELL IT TO APPLE CUZ THE RELATIONSHIP ISNT THE SAME ANYMORE CUZ APPLE SUE SAMSUNG BUT THEN AGAIN APPLE IS A BIG CUSTOMER SO PROBABLY SO BUT NOBODY KNOWS CUZ Apple and Samsung refuse to discuss their relationship AND SAMUNG IS IN A HARD SITUATION TAKING ABUSE FROM STEVE AND APPLE MIGHT JUST LOSE THE BIGGEST SUPLIER IN THE WORLD THE South Korean giant makes some of the most important components Apple buys, including memory chips and displays. Crucially, Samsung makes the brains inside Apple ’s smartphones and tablets: To date, it has been the lone supplier of Apple ’s A4 chip, and semiconductor experts say it is most likely the supplier of the as-yet-unreleased A5 as well.The same division manufactures the highly complex microprocessors at the heart of computer devices sold by Samsung and others. apple rips into these companies even while Apple depends on them as partners. Adobe and Microsoft, in particular, have long provided valuable software for Apple ’s operating system. No matter. They’re still subject to abuse from the man in the black turtleneck. His latest whipping boy: Samsung, a rival to Apple in the consumer electronics business. During the iPad 2 unveiling on Mar. 2, Jobs roasted Samsung, making fun of one of its executives who tried to defend sales of the Galaxy Tab, the company’s answer to Apple ’s first tablet computer. He also gave Samsung top billing in a chart proclaiming 2011 the “Year of the Copycats Close watchers of the semiconductor industry expect that Apple ’s designs will diverge more from Samsung’s in years to come. Apple recently has purchased two chip companies, including last year’s acquisition of Intrinsity, effectively creating a large, in-house group of chip whizzes. “With each generation, Apple is putting more and more of their own resources into” chip design, says Gwennap. Samsung has come to depend on Apple ’s orders to keep its factories full.Company executives could be concerned that Apple might find a second supplier, perhaps Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM), to make its chips but steve doesnt seems that he doesnt want partners

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