MobileNotifier Beta 5 Gets New Alert Dashboard, MobileReply, Bug Fixes & More

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This had led to speculations that Peter was joining Apple to work on iOS Push Notifications.
In a blog post, Peter says MobileNotifier beta 5 is the most revolutionary release:
After all the press surrounding my last post, I had to do something. Instead of confirm or deny anything, I decided to do something. Something big.
I’m presenting the final release of MobileNotifier that I’ll have a part in before my absence. MobileNotifier beta5, Ecstatic Eggo. This release is big in more ways than one. It’s the most revolutionary release since the project’s inception.
Please note that you’ll need to reconfigure your Activator actions for MobileNotifier.
If you haven’t installed it, you can install MobileNotifier for free from Cydia by following these steps:
That’s it, you should now be able to use the revamped notification system courtesy MobileNotifier. Please note that it is still in beta so expect some issues and you can use
to report them.
As always, please don’t forget to let us know if you like it.

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