Lockitron Allows You To Wirelessly Lock Or Unlock Your Door With Your iPhone

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that aims to replace your keys with your phone.
or any internet enabled smartphone.
Instead of using relatively unreliable wifi, the service works by utilizing a plug server and ethernet cable tied to an electronic lock. Your smartphone talks to the server controlling the lock via the web which means that you can control the lock from wherever you are. Lockitron also has an NFC option if you’ve got a Nexus S or are planning on buying a iPhone 5 if/when NFC happens. The system works with both deadbolt and handle locks.
The solution comes with traditional keys as a backup, in case Lockitron loses power or internet connection.
Lockitron also offers a text messaging feature at $5 per month, which allows users to lock or unlock their door using any mobile phone by sending a text message.
You can also generate temporary keys that can be sent via email to your guests in case you’re hosting a party.
Lockitron is currently available in the US and costs between $295 and $500. You can buy it from
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