iKeyboard – iPad Accessory Aims To Enhance Touch Typing

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to consume digital content but prefer to use the computer when it comes to typing a lengthy blog post or document rather than typing it on the iPad using the virtual keyboard.
You can always use Apple ’s wireless keyboard to connect and type on your iPad but Cliff Thier has other ideas. He has developed an iPad accessory to address this issue.
Hunt-and-peck typing “hijacks” the thinking part of your brain, making it unavailable for more important tasks. Your brain is monopolized by having to ask a series of questions and issue a series of instructions: “Where is the ‘W’? Touch that spot.” “Where is the ‘H’? Touch that spot.”
That’s because the touch-screen is super-sensitive, so it’s impossible for you to lightly rest your fingers on the virtual keys without typing the characters. And the keys themselves are just images, so you can’t know by feel alone where your fingers are on the keyboard.
Instead, you must suspend your fingers over the screen and must keep your eyes on the virtual keyboard—at all times—to know where to type. So the only kind of typing you can do is the two-fingered, hunt-and-peck variety.
My solution is to provide the feedback missing from a virtual keyboard by “grafting,” or piggybacking, a real keyboard onto the screen. My invention—the iKeyboard—will sit atop the virtual keyboard and be lightweight. It will add little bulk and not increase the footprint of the tablet. It will be easy and fast to deploy and remove.The iKeyboard will improve accuracy and typing speed, letting tablet users do real writing. It will set the brain free. In certain settings—the lecture hall, the library, the classroom—the iKeyboard will be an essential tool rather than just a useful accessory.
It looks quite promising. Cliff Thier has already generated a lot of interest, as his project on Kickstarter has received backing of more than $9400 from 200+ backers – a lot more than $4000 he was looking for to make his invention a reality.
So if you want to be the first to get your hands on the first generation iKeyboard and participate in the development of iKeyboard 2.0 then head over to the
on Kickstarter and pledge an appropriate amount.
Do you plan to buy iKeyboard for your iPad? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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