Google Maps Web App Updated; But Wait For Google Maps Navigation For iPhone Continues

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Google has released an updated version of Google Maps for mobile browsers for iOS and Android devices.
According to Google, the reason for releasing a new version of its Google Maps web app is to provide users a consistent experience wherever they use it.
Frankly, it’s disappointing to see Google releasing updated version of their Google Maps web app when we’ve been waiting for the native
with features such as 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, automatic rerouting, traffic, satellite and street views was released for Android devices but instead of releasing it for the
, Google has released a new version of the web app.
We understand that it’s pretty cool to bring some of these features to mobile browsers but the native app is more feature rich and provides a much better experience. Alireza Ali, Software Engineer claims that he used the mobile web app to find a good deli spot to grab lunch during a team off-site. But we wonder if he will would have used it if he had the option of using the native Google Maps Navigation app. We doubt it.
Back in October 2009, Google had announced that it would love to
for the iPhone . As far as we’re aware that episode is history as
for more than 5 months, after Apple made changes to its iOS developer agreement.
It has also been ages since Apple has updated the pre-installed Maps application for the iPhone that uses Google’s data.
We’re not sure who to blame for this situation as both of them (the most admired tech companies of our time) have gone silent about it. We hope that in the interest of their users, which should take priority, they stop squabbling and figure out a way to work together to bring us apps like Google Navigation app to the App Store, as that is what we really want. If Google doesn’t want to release Google Maps Navigation as it sees it a competitive advantages of Android then we hope that Apple addresses this situation by revamping the pre-installed Maps application in
, which will be unveiled at
. Until then, users who really want to use their iPhone as their GPS device will continue to buy native 

etc (which unfortunately are quite expensive).

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