Concept Videos Of iOS 5 Features: Speech Recognition, Faster App Switching, Widgets & Notification System

Jan-Michael Cart – a junior majoring in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia has created concept videos of features such as speech recognition, widgets, faster app switching and Push notification system to show how these features should be implemented in
to spark innovation and evolution in the developer community and hopefully within Apple itself.
He hopes that it will open up job opportunities in the future.
This is my take on how Apple could implement universal speech control (by holding down the home button and speaking various commands to navigate the phone or perform tasks such as making phone calls) and how the speech recognition technology could be used to put dictate text into any text field (by long-pressing a text field or double tapping an already selected field).
Obviously, the commands to navigate the phone are limitless (i.e. “open texts, open messages, launch text messages”, etc — all mean the same thing).
A quicker way to switch between apps, similar to Full Screen Switching seen in Mac OS X Lion.
My take on a simple and easy way to implement Widgets into iOS, using the UI that users are already accustomed to. While the possibilities for widgets and their respective designs are endless, I came up with two widgets for Game Center (to display your most recently played games, their respective achievements, and high scores); and Facebook (to show a brief view of your profile and notifications without actually launching the application itself).
so we will soon find out how Apple implements some of these features and if features such as Widgets will make it to the list of new iOS 5 features.
Let us know what you think about these concepts in the comments below.

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