Apple Patent Reveals Privacy Mode Viewing Option For Next Generation Displays

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published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently, which has revealed that Apple is working on next generation display technology that will allow users to steer display light beams in various directions to effectively provide themselves with a new privacy viewing option.
Many electronic devices include the ability to present visible information to a user. In particular, many cellular telephones, laptop computers, and other portable electronic devices include a display screen for projecting light beams representative of device generated information to one or more viewers. Often, a user of the device may choose to share this displayed information with others looking at the device from various angles with respect to the screen, while, in other situations, the user may only want a person positioned directly in front of the screen to be able to see the displayed information. However, due to processing limitations, display limitations, size limitations, and other limitations of such electronic devices, a user must generally shield the display screen away from unintended viewers or aim the display screen towards only an intended viewer.
The main focus of Apple ‘s patent appears to be about a method of controlling the viewing angle of a display so that a user could implement a unique privacy type of function that restricts viewing of the display to only the one looking at the display directly in front of it.
Though Apple has used an iPod Classic in the patent, it has clarified that the technology could be used in the following devices:
“A music player, video player, still image player, game player, other media player, music recorder, movie or video camera or recorder, still camera, other media recorder, radio, medical equipment, domestic appliance,transportation vehicle instrument, musical instrument, calculator, cellular telephone, other wireless communication device, personal digital assistant, remote control, pager, computer (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet, server, etc.), monitor, television, stereo equipment, set up box, set-top box, boom box, modem, router, keyboard, mouse, speaker, printer,” and any device that could use telephonic services.”
Apple ’s patent goes on to explain that the privacy mode can be enabled by touching the corner of the screen, which would bring up privacy mode options and ability to change the angle of the display.
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