Apple Files Lawsuit Against Teenager Who Sold White iPhone 4 Conversion Kits Worth $130,000

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last month.
, the demand for the elusive white iPhone 4 was so high that DIY conversion kits available for $279 were selling like hot cakes and Fei Lam – the teenage entrepreneur behind the website
in just a few months.
At that time, Lam had revealed that he was getting the conversion kits from a contact in China who had a relationship with folks in Foxconn, Apple ’s manufacturing partner.
We had also mentioned that this had not gone unnoticed. Lam had received a letter from a private investigator claiming that he was selling stolen goods. Shortly after that
has just reported that Apple has filed a lawsuit against Lam and his parents yesterday and at the same time also filed a voluntary dismissal of lawsuit, indicating that Apple might have reached a settlement with Lam and his parents.
Apple yesterday finally filed a lawsuit against Lam and his parents, claiming infringement and dilution of its trademarks and engaging in deceptive practices through his conversion kit sales through his website at Apple did, however, also file a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit at the same time, suggesting that a settlement has may have been reached, although Apple ‘s request for dismissal without prejudice means that the company reserves the right to refile the claim at some point in the future.
Defendent Lam willfully and without authorization has used Apple ‘s trademarks in connection with the sale of his “White iPhone 4 Conversion Kits,” which among other things included white front and back panels with Apple ‘s logo and “iPhone ” trademarks that are used in connection with the promotion and sale of Apple ‘s well known iPhone 4 handheld mobile digital electronic devices. Defendant at all times knew that Apple never has authorized the sale of white panels for its iPhone 4 mobile devices, and that he obtained these panels from sources that were not authorized by Apple or any of its suppliers to sell them.

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