Apple Executives: Optimistic About iOS; Believe Tablets Will Eclipse PC; Comment On iOS Vs Android Battle

reports that according to a research note from Bill Shope – an analyst at Goldman Sachs, Apple executives were optimistic about the future of iOS and expect tablet market to overtake the PC market in the next several years.
Bill Shope’s research note is based on the meeting that he had recently with Apple executives – Apple ’s COO Tim Cook, SVP Ron Johnson and CFO Peter Oppenheimer.
Shope says, “the company appeared more overtly optimistic on the long-term prospects for the iOS platform than it has been in quite some time.”
For one, Cook said, “he sees no reason why the tablet market shouldn’t eclipse the PC market over the next several years,” according to Shope’s note.
, which is expected to be unveiled at next week’s WWDC 2011.

This is what they had to say when they were asked to comment on the hotly debated iOS-Android battle:
iOS versus Android: fragmentation can boost Android units, but it hurts later. Management continued to stress the advantages of Apple ’s “integrated” iOS platform versus Google’s increasingly fragmented Android platform. Indeed, management noted that an open and free OS like Android was bound to enjoy a rapid expansion in its overall installed base near-term, but over time, the perils of platform fragmentation would weaken the value of this installed base and the overall platform ecosystem. Indeed, Apple reiterated that it had already paid out over $2 billion to iOS developers through app sales since 2008. Apple argues that this is how you should measure the value of a platform, not raw installed base growth. We tend to agree, and we continue to believe that Apple ’s integrated platform approach will enable it to capture the lion’s share of the mobile device profit pool in coming years.
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