White iPhone 4 Teardown Reveals Modified Camera Lens And Proximity Sensor

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after a long wait of almost 10 months.
indicates that Apple has changed the camera lens and proximity sensor on the white iPhone 4.
[..] the sensor remains the same, but the “magnitude of the incident light” between the black and white iPhone 4 models is a different size.
Photo comparisons of the two devices seem to indicate that the rear-facing camera lens on the white iPhone 4 has been set farther back than its black counterpart.
Additionally, when compared to teardown photos of last year’s iPhone 4 model, the internal proximity sensor on the white model appears to have been changed as well, though the exact nature of the change remains unclear.
so the change in camera lens could be to address the issue.
since it was launched so it will be interesting to find out the exact nature of the changes and if it improves the performance of the proximity sensor.
It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read
At the end of the day, it has been 10 months since the iPhone 4 was launched so it is not surprising that Apple has made some tweaks. This could be a case of us reading too much between the lines.
What do you think?

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