Websites Offering Remote iPhone Unlocking Solution Without Jailbreak

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basebands, we’re seeing a number of websites that are offering services to permanently
Cut Your SIM, which is one of the sites offering the unlocking solution even go to the extent to claim that it is the official iPhone unlock. They claim:
We are now able to offer the first permanent remote iPhone unlocking solution.  It is very easy, and can be done with three simple steps.
Our turnaround time is typically anywhere from 2-5 days for the iPhone .  It may be quicker, but please expect this time frame.
The solution we offer is a permanent solution.   Jailbreaking, or unauthorized hacks are NOT required.  This unlock will carry on forever, you can now update your phone to the newest version without worrying about waiting for an unauthorized unlock to be released.
The unlock will work with any iPhone version, and any baseband version, no need to worry about updating to the latest version anymore, your phone will be unlocked forever!!!!!
Websites like Cut Your SIM are offering the unlocking solution for $170. According to MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team, they seem to have access to Apple ’s database and using it to add iPhone ’s IMEI identifiers. So it is possible that Apple could revoke the unlock by removing the iPhone IMEI identifiers from the whitelist, if it can finds out the people behind this backdoor.
Even if you can afford the high price, we would recommend our readers to stay away from sites that offer such services as it is not possible to guarantee that the unlock will be permanent even though they’re claiming that it is a permanent solution. We also believe that the solution is illegal as it involves tampering with Apple ‘s database.
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