Leaked Photos Reveal Apple Is Testing iPhone For T-Mobile USA

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on T-Mobile USA. They’ve published a photo of an iPhone prototype working on T-Mobile’s 3G network. Currently iPhone (assume its unlocked) works only on T-Mobile’s slow EDGE network as it does not support 3G network.
The iPhone prototype working on T-Mobile’s 3G network is codenamed N94. The GSM 
We have verified that the phone itself is running a test version of Apple ’s iOS, much like the one we saw in those videos from Vietnam, and it includes internal Apple test apps like Radar and Apple ’s employee directory app. Additionally, the front of the white iPhone pictured looks a little different from the photos of the retail white iPhone 4 that surfaced recently — specifically, the proximity sensor has changed on the retail version. Combined with the fact that it wouldn’t make sense to release an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile at this point in time, we’d wager that Apple is just testing the new T-Mobile-friendly radio with its current iPhone 4 hardware, possibly in preparation for integration in a future device.
. In any case, since
(currently pending approval), loyal T-Mobile customers should be able to buy an iPhone eventually.
Are you waiting for that day?

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