Leaked iPod Touch 5G Photos Reveal Capacitive Home Button, 128 GB Capacity?

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Mac Rumors reported yesterday that one of their users had sent them images, which he claimed were photos of the next generation
iPod Touch 5G.
If the photos are indeed the real deal then they reveal that the next generation iPod Touch with come with a capacitive home button and a model which will offer 128GB of storage capacity.
An anonymous reader sent in these images which claim to be photos of a prototype (DVT-1) 5th Generation iPod Touch. According to the submission the front has a capacitive home button, back with markings of DVT-1, and connected volume buttons. The settings also show a 128GB capacity.
Overall, it’s hard to say too much. Each new component seems easily fakeable using existing images. This, and the fact that the submitter is
it anyone who will listen makes us think its likely fake.
The capacitive home button will be interesting as it should probably help in reducing the wear and tear of the button. It also means that we could see the capacitive home button coming to
Currently, the maximum storage available in iPod Touch is 64GB. Apple uses two flash drives of 32GB each in iPod Touch while a single flash drive up to 32GB in
as it needs to fit quite a few phone related components. If iPod Touch comes with 128GB storage, which means Apple will be using  two flash drives of 64GB each then it would mean that the maximum storage available in iPhone 5 will be 64GB.
and iPod Touch or do you think the photos are fake?

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