iOS 5 Running On 64 GB White iPhone 4 With Exposé-like Multitasking Feature?

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has published videos, which shows a white
running a test version of iOS.
You can tap on a window to expand it (replete with animation) to fill the screen or long-press on it to bring up the familiar “x” button for shutting it down. This is all accompanied by a new “Search iPhone ” dialog at the very top, which sends you into Spotlight search that looks very much the way it currently does (though it seems to no longer be accessible with a left swipe from the first homescreen as on previous versions of iOS).
, which has brought Palm Pre Exposé like feature to the
. But it doesn’t look like it, as you can also see the name of the app running in the background below the thumbnail, which is not available if you install the
tweak. You can also see the Spotlight search bar at the top (nice touch), which is also not available in Multiflow. So we can probably expect the new feature in the next generation iOS –
or iOS 4.x software update.
The second video reveals that a test version of iOS running on a 64GB white iPhone 4 (currently the max capacity of iPhone 4 is 32GB). Engadget reports:
this one showing that we’re looking at a prototype unit and taking us on a tour around its body. A visit to the Settings menu shows a 64GB storage capacity, while app folder creation is also handled a little differently from iOS 4. The presence of the Touch Fighter app on this phone, which Apple built to show off the capabilities of earlier versions of the handset, and other internal-looking software seems to point to this indeed being some form of iOS beta build. Of course, it might not be iOS 5 at all, but simply a never-released version of iOS 4.
As always, let us know what you think about the possibility of Expose-like multitasking feature in iOS 5 and a 64GB iPhone model in the comments below.

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