Apple To Launch iPhone 5 At Special Event In June?

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won’t be released in June then this news should cheer you up.
– a Korean website claims that Apple won’t unveil iPhone 5 at WorldWide Developer Conference 2011 but will hold a special event to launch it.
iPhone 5, the next model of iPhone 4, will be released on the coming 4th week of June. In the midst of the iPhone 5 postponement rumors, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released as planned and it will be released simultaneously in Korea through SK Telecom and KT
Last week, Apple announced that it will unveil the
at the WorldWide Developer Conference 2011 to be held from June 6th to June 10th. But since it did not mention anything about the next generation iPhone , it is being widely speculated that
However, as 
The sourcing of the article is a little suspect, as it appears to be attributing the information to Apple , itself. It also contradicts the “fall” timeframe that has been previously proposed for the next iPhone release. Mobile carriers, however, have been a source of some early release information, as new phones launches must be coordinated.
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