New ‘If You Don’t Have An iPhone’ TV Ads

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Wow… The folks at Apple are really walking around so proud. Plus most investors are mainly happy for now. Enjoy it while you can peps. Just remember you can’t be king of the hill forever. BUT really. Is that really necessary? I mean give me a break. It’s either Apple figure that millions of people are entirely ignorant or just plain zombies. I agree that it a high quality product (just sold mine) but it’s not the only gadget that makes life more enjoyable. Believe me or not peps. This will all fade away. It’s just a fad and Apple is just taking advantage of this great momentum. History can back me up on that, if you do your research. I think most of us are in denial. We tend to go with what we believe in and just want to be part of the crowd even despite the real facts are smack between their zombie eyes. Believe me I’m not taking any sides, but you can at least agree that most of Apple advertisement are arrogant and misleading. Yes. It’s good strategy, but one that will bite them in the @$$ later. Again they have high quality product, but it’s how they believe that they are bullet proof which is a mistake. Oh Yeh and I do proudly owned both Android and Apple ’s gadgets. Plus a $3K Mac desktop and many Windows type computers. From my experiences, I like to use products with no limitations and with a freedom to do whatever I please. Just imagine IF Apple build cars and that you cannot modify it in any way and that Apple control that freedom. That would suck right? Remember Apple . We the consumer control the flow, not you. Cheers

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