iPhone Jailbreakers And Unlockers Should Avoid Upgrading To iOS 4.3

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, unofficial custom bundles, Universal Ramdisk Fixes and tetheredboot utility.
tools are released.
As always, I give my standard warning not to update and wait for the jailbreak release. This time, I am giving some extra caution, however.
With 4.3 comes apple ’s implementation of address space layout randomization (ASLR). In short, this will mess up the way mobile substrate works. You will need a new mobile substrate in order to use your favorite tweaks such as winterboard, sbsettings, bitesms, folder enhancer, etc. So you should definitely avoid 4.3 until an “official” jailbreak is released for it.
Back in January, Joshua Hill of the Chronic Dev Team had pointed out that ASLR added in iOS 4.3 will make it more difficult to exploit userland vulnerabilities that are used to
Looks like Apple added ASLR into iOS 4.3. This should make things more fun!!!
ASLR is Address Space Layout Randomization. It’s designed to make userland vulnerabilities more difficult to exploit
or iOS 4.3 GM. This warning also applies to
, Chronic Dev Team or iH8sn0w haven’t provided any ETA on when the updated tools like
etc for iOS 4.3 will be released.
As always, we’ll let you know if there are any further updates so stay tuned here at

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