iPad 2 Has 512MB RAM?

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, he revealed that
2 will get Apple ‘s new 1GHz dual-core A5 chip.
It’s the first time we can recollect that Apple has revealed the speed of the processor for an iOS device. But he still didn’t reveal how much RAM is included in iPad 2.
Apple Insider reports that Kakeun Lee, a Korean semiconductor analyst is claiming that iPad 2 will come with
. He also claims that Apple is using LPDDR2 memory in iPad 2 instead of LPDDR1 memory that was used in the 1st generation iPad:
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities also told AppleInsider that the RAM in the iPad 2 would run at a higher clock speed of 1,066MHz for greater memory bandwidth than the 800MHz memory in the iPhone 4.
Kuo also indicated back in January that the iPad 2 would have LPDDR2 RAM at a speed of 1,066MHz, corroborating Lee’s more recent claims. Kuo said the memory would be supplied by both Samsung and Hynix.
We should also get a confirmation when iPad 2 is disassembled.
Let’s hope that the increase in RAM ensures that mobile Safari browser does not refresh the page every time you switch tabs, which is quite an annoying issue in the first generation iPad.
We can’t wait to get our hands on iPad 2 to checkout the performance improvements. How about you?

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