Facebook Launches New Mobile Website

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Facebook has announced that it is rolling out an upgraded version of its mobile website, which it believes will bring the best mobile web experience to mobile devices.
Prior to this, Facebook had two websites: m.facebook.com for less feature-rich mobile devices, while touch.facebook.com was for touch based smartphones like
) to reduce the confusion and will also help them to develop and rollout new features more easily.
Lee Byron, Head of Mobile Product at Facebook explains that the problems with their earlier approach:
By unifying the websites, it will make it easier and faster for Facebook to develop new features. Bryon explains:
This mobile UI framework allows engineers to focus on building their product and not on supporting device edge cases. Rather than directly writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, our product engineers write XHP and use these mobile components to build new features.
So when users of smartphones like iPhone visit the new m.facebook.com website, they will see the rich touch friendly user interface while users with feature phones will see the less feature rich website.
but it is yet to release an iPad app. It remains to be seen if Facebook will ditch its native iPhone app for a web app.
. Please note that Facebook has mentioned that the new m.facebook.com will be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks.
Do you prefer a native iPhone app or the iPhone web app for Facebook? Please share your views in the comments below.

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