AT&T Will Support Personal Hotspot When iOS 4.3 Is Released On March 11th

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Personal Hotspot feature allows users to share an iPhone 4 cellular data connection with up to five devices in a combination of up to three Wi-Fi, three Bluetooth and one USB device. However, carriers need to support the feature.
AT&T on Wednesday night confirmed with Electronista that it would start supporting the Personal Hotspot feature in sync with the launch of iOS 4.3. Subscribers will have the same support as Verizon customers when the update pushes out to the GSM iPhone 4 on March 11. Pricing should stay the same as for basic tethering and will need its new DataPro hotspot/tethering plan, which combines 4GB of total data with connection sharing for $45.
users for an extra $20 per month and comes with a 2GB data cap, in addition to the unlimited data plans for $29.99. AT&T had recently increased the
at no additional cost to counter Verizon’s mobile hotspot feature.
However, since AT&T’s tethering plan is only available for users who have opted for the DataPro plan, the mobile hotspot feature will not be available for long time
users who are still on the unlimited data plans or users on the DataPlus plan.
to use their iPhone as a wireless router.
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