Apple Releases Apple TV Software Update 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3.1) To Fix Screen Flickering Issues

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software update 4.2.1 (
– build 8F202) for Apple TV 2G to fix issues with flickering, waking from sleep and audio output that was reported by several users after installing
) that was released less than two weeks back.
According to the release notes, Apple TV software update 4.2.1 fixes the following issues:
Addresses issues that may cause the screen to flicker or display incorrect color on some older TVs.
Addresses an issue where Apple TV may not wake up from sleep.
Addresses an issue where audio may not be heard on some TV models after switching from another input.
Apple TV Software Update 4.2.1 includes stability and performance fixes for Apple TV.
Apple TV Software update 4.2 released less than two weeks brought the following new features and improvements to Apple TV 2G:
MLB.TV: Watch live and on-demand Major League Baseball games, access stats, scores and standings.
NBA: See scores and more, plus League Pass Broadband subscribers get live and archived games.
AirPlay for apps: Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video from apps and Safari on your iPhone , iPad and iPod touch.
Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1: Enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when watching Netflix movies and TV shows
New slideshow themes: View photos with the new Scrapbook, Photo Mobile, and Holiday Mobile slideshow themes.
Improved on-screen keyboard: Search and enter names and passwords more easily with the redesigned on-screen keyboard.
You can install the latest Apple TV Software update by choosing Software Update on your Apple TV.
within one to two weeks.
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