Apple Negotiating With Music Labels To Allow Users Unlimited Music Redownloads

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Currently, when you buy a song, video, TV show or album from the iTunes store, you are entitled to download it only once, a restriction forced by music labels. The restriction could be removed as Bloomberg reports that Apple is negotiating with music labels to allow users to redownload music purchased from iTunes store an unlimited number of times from any device.
According to Bloomberg, agreement could be reached by the middle of the year. Apple is apparently trying to negotiate this as it wants to provide users with a cloud-based digital locker so that they can access their music, TV shows and movies from any device.
Apple Inc. (AAPL) is in talks with record companies to give iTunes customers easier access to music they’ve purchased across multiple devices, said three people with knowledge of the plans.
Apple is negotiating with music companies including Vivendi SA (VIV)’s Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG) and EMI Group Ltd., said the people, who asked for anonymity because the talks are private. An agreement may be announced by midyear, two of the people said.
unlimited number of times from any device.
but that didn’t happen.
But based on time estimates provided by Bloomberg for an agreement with the music labels, it looks like Apple could finally debut its cloud-based iTunes service sometime this summer, probably at WWDC 2011.
It would be great to be able to redownload songs and albums purchased from iTunes for free as you feel cheated to pay for them again. Let’s hope that that Apple can negotiate a similar deal with studios for TV shows and movies.
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