iPad 2 Rumors Roundup – What Can We Expect?

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where it is expected to unveil the 2nd generation iPad.
So in case you missed them, here is a detailed roundup of all the rumors and speculations about Apple ’s new
’s gorgeous retina display. But now we’re hearing that the
and may come with an anti-reflection screen.
iPad 2 may get a new version of Apple ’s A4 chip (possibly dubbed A5 or A8), which uses the
from Imagination Technologies.
References in iOS 4.3 have also indicates that Apple is planning to use the
contain references, which have suggested that the
Based on the image discovered in iOS 4.3 SDK, it looks like
, contrary to
that claimed that iPad 2 would come with a 5-megapixel camera.
The front-facing camera could turn out to be a VGA unit for Apple ‘s FaceTime video calling feature.
and lighter than the original iPad.
. Owing to this, the overall dimensions of the iPad would reduce to 239 mm x 186 mm compared to the current generation iPad’s size of 242.8 mm x 189.7 mm.
(covered with wire mesh) to improve the sound quality.
for high speed media transfers.
which would be a great boon to iPad gamers as it will improve motion gaming experience.
. However, recent reports indicate that Apple ’s 2nd generation iPad could be available as early as tomorrow or next week.
What will it be called?
iPad 2 has been a popular name for Apple ’s second generation iPad.
ilab.cc, a Japanese technology blog published a photo of what is purported to be the iPad 2 (the one on the left).
We can’t wait to find out, which of these rumors and speculations turn out to be accurate.
What would you like the iPad 2 to feature? Sound off in the comments.

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