Apple Developing 4G LTE iPhone?

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that supports its next-generation 4G TD-LTE mobile network.
China Mobile Ltd, the world’s largest mobile carrier by subscribers, said on Friday that Apple Inc Chief Executive Steve Jobs has expressed interest in developing an iPhone based on the Chinese carrier’s network standard.
China Mobile is developing its next-generation TD-LTE mobile network technology and there have been talks over a possible iPhone tie-up with the carrier.
China Mobile, the country’s biggest mobile carrier, was earlier in talks with Apple to bring a TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone to China. TD-SCDMA is the Chinese 3G standard that is used by China Mobile. However, the TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone never arrived. Instead, Apple launched the
as the official carrier partner.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, even though we hear that there is
, Apple ’s growth in China has been somewhat limited by its presence on only one of the carriers – that too, the smaller one. For Apple to expand its reach in China, it has to tap in to the vast subscriber base that China Mobile. With 584 million subscribers, China Mobile is by far, the biggest carrier not just in China, but the entire globe. China Unicom on the other hand had “just” 167.4 million subscribers.
that supported CDMA network instead of their new LTE 4G network (that is being rolled out) was because the first-generation LTE chipsets would force design changes, which Apple was not prepared to make.
have been around for more than 8 months.
supports 4G mobile network or we’ll have to wait until iPhone 6.
Will it be a deal breaker for you if iPhone 5 that will be launched this summer, does not support for 4G networks?

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