Apple Acquiring App Developer To Revamp Notification System For iOS

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While Apple ’s iOS is the best mobile operating system, its pop up notification system has been much maligned for being intrusive and modal, iOS competitors on the other hand have been doing a good job on this front of late. HP’s webOS for example has a banner notification system that has been widely acclaimed.
of the new webOS powered devices earlier this week, HP showcased even more improvements to an already good notification mechanism.
In the wake of all this, Apple seems to be in a hurry to improve its own iOS notification system. There were rumors of Apple working on this last year, when the person who was behind the webOS notification system at Palm, Rich Dellinger was roped in by Apple . However, Dellinger’s return did not change much on the iOS notifications front.
Cult Of Mac claims that according to their source, Apple is planning to acquire a small developer to help them fix the notification system. The source hasn’t revealed as to which company Apple is planning to acquire, but has dropped a hint by saying that the developer does have an
. Cult Of Mac speculates that the most probable candidate from the description so far seems to be folks from App Remix who are the makers of the popular Boxcar app for iOS devices [
]. The new iPad version of the app, which was released recently has come in for much praise of late.
, which is expected to be previewed in March and released in June. It remains to be seen how this rumored acquisition will fit into the scheme of things.
What do you think about iOS’s notification system? What should it do to improve it?

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