XMBC Media Center For iPhone, iPad And Apple TV Released

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Its not a thin client streamer or a remote but a full-fledged XMBC client, including support for playing a variety of codecs, with hardware support for both 720p and 1080p HD video.
You will be able to drag and drop media from your computer, or share it on your home-network so
“no longer is your AppleTV2 chained to iTunes.”
running on the Apple TV 2,
There are still some issues that need to be ironed out. For example, since XMBC for 1st generation Apple TV was ported to iOS devices, the touch controls are not designed for the interface. Playback of 1080p content is a little choppy currently but developers are working on it and are confident that it will be sorted out.
Tap on the Manage Tab and then tap on Sources.
After it is successfully installed, tap on the Search tab and search for
Tap on XMBC-iOS to install it on your iPhone .
That’s it, you should see the XBMC icon on the homescreen.
As always, please don’t forget to give us your feedback on XMBC jailbreak app for iOS in the comments section below.

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