Verizon iPhone Media Event – Roundup Of Rumors & Speculations

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In just a few more hours from now, Verizon is expected to unveil
that will work on their CDMA network.
, there has been a lot of rumors and speculations from anonymous sources that seem to carry details about what is in store for us.
in the upcoming announcement.
. This is expected to be one of the major selling points for the carrier in its fight against AT&T – that offers a 2GB cap on data consumption. However, it also needs to be noted that such a strategy could backfire given that iPhone users are among the highest consumers of bandwidth on smartphone devices.
The recent versions of iOS provide support to internet tethering. For the uninitiated, tethering offers a way for users to surf internet on devices like laptops and netbooks using the iPhone ‘s cellular data connection. Presently, iPhone users on AT&T pay an additional $20 a month to enable tethering – a functionality that is accessed by
users for free. There are speculations that Verizon may aggressively fight competition from AT&T by offering tethering for free to users. But considering that the Verizon might also offer unlimited data plans, chances are that the carrier may charge a monthly fee that would still be lower than
Among the several nuggets of information that we have gathered about the Verizon iPhone thus far, one data that we are yet to hear about is the support for simultaneous voice & data on the iPhone . We have heard rumors that
. VoRA is one of the most recent technologies that help networks to increase peak data transmission speeds while enabling telephony based services like Voice and Push to talk. It needs to be seen if Verizon announces it at today’s event or it means that will not be able to answer a phone call while surfing the web on their phone.
that will enable international roaming capability on the device. However, with lack of clarity on this issue, there is a possibility that the
may not be entirely useable for international travelers since CDMA networks do not have good penetration in many parts of the world. This would consequently mean a lack of adequate roaming support.
The iPhone firmware still does not support mobile hotspot – a technology that allows smartphones to act as wireless routers that can be used to access internet from other devices. However, Verizon already offers such a functionality for free on devices like the Palm Pre Plus. With Apple expected to announce an iOS firmware update in just a few months from now, we wonder if mobile hotspot could soon be available on the Verizon iPhone .
What are your thoughts on these features? Do you think the launch of a Verizon iPhone could significantly affect AT&T’s business prospects? Tell us your views in the comments.

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