iPhone 5 Will Be Completely Redesigned, Come With Multi-Core Processor; iPad 2 To Come With High Resolution Screen, SD Card Slot & Cameras

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from a “reliable source”.
According to Engadget, iPad 2 will come with a “super high resolution” screen like
’s gorgeous retina display.
The screen size is expected to remain the same but it will come with front and rear cameras.
According to Engadget’s reliable source, iPad will also get a SD card slot. The current version of iPad does not come with an SD card slot although users can utilize the $29
to transfer photos from an SD card to the iPad.
Apple is expected to launch iPad 2 towards the end of March or early April.
Engadget claims that in iPhone 5, Apple will use the dual GSM/CDMA chipsets produced by Qualcomm instead of the Infineon chipset used in the GSM iPhone 4. This will allow Apple to support dual-modes allowing for both Verizon and AT&T compatibility in the same iPhone model rather than producing two different models to support GSM and CDMA networks respectively.
According to Engadget’s source, iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned. Apple may use a Cortex A9-based multicore processor (to be dubbed the Apple A5) instead of the current Apple A4 processor, which is a single-core Cortex A8 processor.
Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5 in the summer.
Apple may use the Cortex A9-based multicore processor in the next generation Apple TV (2011 model) as well.
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