iPad 2 LCD And Vibration Motor Show Up On Parts Supplier’s Website

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2 parts on Global Direct Parts website, a smartphone parts supplier.
, which they claimed could be the
was launched) that turned out to be accurate.
The first part listed is the “iPad 2 LCD Screen” which is “out of stock” but is listed for a price of $218.19. For comparison, the company also sells the original iPad screen for only $63.35. We can’t tell for sure when the part appeared on their site, but the image appears to have been uploaded this weekend after the 2048×1536 rumors broke.
Based on GlobalDirectParts’ old price lists, they sold the original iPad LCD for $144.99 in June of last year. This means the $218.19 iPad 2 part represents a more expensive part, even when considering prices at launch.
The second part is listed as “iPad Vibration Motor”. The current generation iPad does not have a vibration motor. In case of the iPhone , vibration motor is used for notifications. It is widely speculated that
will get front and rear facing camera, we wonder if Apple is planning to use the vibration motor for FaceTime – the video calling feature. The vibration motor could potentially be used to provide force feedback while playing games for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
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