Hacker Claims Apple May Use Qualcomm’s Chipsets In iPhone 5 And iPad 2

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iPhone Hacker and expert, Piergiorgio Zambrini (aka Zibri) who had developed
, an extremely popular software method to
running iOS firmware 1.x  is making headlines again.
, which indicates that Apple plans to use wireless chipset manufacturer Qualcomm’s baseband for
Tired of all rumors and “undisclosed sources” of the last week roll of blog posts around the web, I decided to dig the matter to get a definitive answer.
In the picture above you see a “chunk” of code from the latest iTunes. Maybe, for the most of you, names like “partition.mbn” or “AMSS.MBN” means little or nothing. For me and a few others that means only one thing: QUALCOMM.
Those files are the building blocks of any Qualcomm baseband. So I can tell you that the next wave of iProducts will be using a QUALCOMM baseband. Which one I don’t know… maybe the iPad2, maybe the iPhone 5 most probably all of them.
What is clear is that they are testing them using the same iTunes you have on your hard drives.
and iPad.
instead of the Infineon chipset used in the GSM iPhone 4. This will allow Apple to support dual-modes allowing for both Verizon and AT&T compatibility in the same iPhone model rather than producing two different models to support GSM and CDMA networks respectively.
It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be correct. We can’t wait to see the next generation iPad and
? What about you?

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