Best Buy Lists 3 New ‘Coming Soon’ iPad SKUs

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Best Buy’s website has been been notorious for leaking information regarding Apple ’s upcoming products in the past. Of course it’s a different story that some of these leaks were grossly misleading. For example, back in 2009, a new product appeared on the website that was listed as a “mobile computing device”. This eventually turned out to be the updated MacBook.
Anyway, our bone of contention today are three new
SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) that appeared on Best Buy’s website.
The three models are labelled as “APPLE COMPUTER INC. – APPLE IPAD SKU WIFI”. Their availability is listed as “coming soon”. With the next generation iPads expected soon, it is being speculated that these listings could belong to iPad 2.
Also pertinent to note here is the fact that two of these models have their prices listed at $599.99. The third one is even more expensive at $699.99. As of now, there is no clarity whether these listings actually belong to the next generation iPad or if these are just new listings are issued for the current iPad models.
Apple is expected to launch the second generation iPad towards the end of March or early April based on the yearly product cycle that it typically follows, so unless Apple plans to launch the iPad two months ahead of schedule, we believe the listings are either for the current iPad models or an error.
Do you think these listings are indeed of the upcoming iPad 2, which is now

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