AT&T To Simplify Text Messaging Plans, Downplays Impact Of Verizon iPhone

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Folks over at Gear Live have come across a some interesting information that they say has been leaked from retailer Best Buy’s internal training documents.
look an overall better choice and making it a far more attractive proposition for Best Buy consumers with its new text messaging plans. Let’s now delve in to the details of these plans.
According to the first report, AT&T will offer simpler text messaging plans starting January 23. The current plan offers 200 messages for $5 and 1500 messages for $15 per month respectively. These plans would be replaced with just one plan that would offer 1000 messages for $10. What remains unchanged is the $20 unlimited messaging plan. Interestingly, users on the older plans would be allowed to continue with them – even after they change devices through an update.
. Employees are being told that even though Verizon has been touting its 4G network at the time of the CES, their soon to arrive
is a 3G device. The idea is to project the CDMA iPhone as an outdated 3G device on an advanced 4G network.
“Verizon’s entire presence at CES last week was focused on one thing and one thing alone: 4G. Its LTE network is now live in 38 markets and a flurry of 4G phones will launch in the coming months. But their iPhone … the smartphone millions of Verizon Wireless subscribers have been dying for… is a 3G device.”
From what we gather now, Best Buy would not be selling the Verizon iPhone at least in the initial months and for the same reason, it plans to convince buyers to consider the alternative handsets available with them – instead of the “outdated” CDMA iPhone 4. Strangely, Best Buy seems to forget that the AT&T iPhone it sells also uses “outdated” 3G technology.
AT&T is also known to have sent internal memos to its employees explaining why the GSM iPhone 4 is an overall better proposition than the CDMA one. AT&T is banking on the shortcomings of CDMA technology that includes its inability to talk and surf the web simultaneously. The other points include AT&T’s faster network speed, which is claimed to be 35% faster than Verizon on average, global GSM coverage and availability of Wi-Fi hotspots for AT&T iPhones. It also reminds employees that 80% of iPhone users on AT&T are on their attractive business and family plans, which would make a switch to Verizon a not too attractive proposition.
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