AT&T Offering iPhone Customers Unlimited Data Plan To Stop Them From Switching To Verizon

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on Verizon’s network.
Associated Press has just reported that the news of the unlimited data plans is putting a lot of pressure on AT&T and it is quietly giving some of its iPhone customers the option to switch to unlimited data plan to stop them from switching to Verizon.
to switch back to the unlimited data plan.
Earlier, these customers were told they can’t switch back to the unlimited data plans once they had switched to the limited data plan.
Verizon Wireless will start offering the iPhone on Feb. 10 with a draw that AT&T no longer offers to new subscribers: a plan with unlimited data usage. But The Associated Press has learned that some AT&T iPhone users on limited plans won’t need to move to Verizon for unlimited data.
In an unadvertised loophole, AT&T Inc. has allowed subscribers who have had an unlimited data plan in the past to switch back. That includes anyone who had an iPhone before June, when the limited plans took effect.
So now you know what to do if you plan to stick with AT&T but want the unlimited data plan. We think instead of doing this secretly, AT&T should announce the unlimited data plans for its iPhone customers to avoid losing customer who won’t even bother negotiating with AT&T’s customer service and will simply switch to Verizon.
If you have managed to switch back to the unlimited data plan then please let us know in the comments section below.

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