Apple To Announce iPad 2 In The Next 3-4 Weeks?

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Digg founder, Kevin Rose claims that he has received information from a reliable source that Apple will announce the next generation
in the next 3-4 weeks, possibly February 1st.
I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next “3-4 weeks”, possibly Tuesday February 1st. The iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back cameras.
He later updated the post to clarify that another source has indicated that while the display on iPad 2 will be of higher resolution than on the current generation iPad, it will not be retina display like iPhone 4 and
. There could be two reasons preventing the introduction of retina display in the second generation iPad:
, the retina display is the single most expensive component.
A larger retina display required for an iPad would need 2560 x 1920 = 4,915,200 pixels to match the clarity of
4, which is not possible to render with the technology available currently.
Apple had launched the first generation iPad in early April 2009 and started taking
. With Verizon most likely planning to announce Apple ’s iPhone on its network on January 11th and
, it seems unlikely that Apple will release the second generation iPad at the same time but until things are not official, its all speculation at this stage.
Are you waiting for the next generation iPad? What’s on your wish list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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