Apple May Launch 4G LTE iPhone In 2012

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, which is expected to be released in June then we have some disappointing news for you.
AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega revealed in a Keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it plans to offer LTE devices in 2012. Interestingly, AT&T also included Apple in the list of manufacturers that will offer LTE devices on its network indicating that iPhone may support 4G network only in 2012 (probably with the launch of the sixth generation iPhone ).
De la Vega included Apple in his list of manufacturers set to launch LTE devices in 2012, implying that AT&T will launch a 4G LTE-compatible Apple iPhone next year
De la Vega also revealed that AT&T has plans to accelerate the deployment of its LTE network, which will start this year and will be completed by 2013. So unless Apple offers iPhone on Verizon’s network, which started building its 4G LTE network last year, it probably doesn’t make sense for Apple to launch
with 4G support.
AT&T CEO also noted that HSPA+ has been deployed to nearly 100% of AT&T’s network, which he claims offer close to 4G speeds.
Will lack of support for 4G LTE network be a deal breaker for users planning to buy a smartphone in June?

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