Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Delay Due To Issue With Paint; Launch Imminent

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4 was due to the issue with the paint, which allowed light to leak in and affected camera performance. He observed the issue first hand as he managed to get his hands on a white iPhone 4 from China.
Wozniak who made an appearance on the Engadget show last night also confirmed that the issue is resolved and Apple will release the white iPhone 4 very soon.
In a conversation with Joshua Topolsky, editor of the AOL-owned tech blog Engadget, on the site’s eponymous online-video show today, Wozniak said that he ordered the white iPhone parts from a teenager online who somehow received them from Foxconn, who manufacturers the iPhone . When he tried to take a picture with the device’s flash, he said the photo looked as if it was taken through cellophane, confirming earlier rumors that the white case caused light leakage when the flash was used.
Additionally, Wozniak said that his white iPhone 4 parts caused issues with its proximity sensor (although I think he’s actually referring to its ambient light sensor, which could see similar light leakage issues to the camera). He then confirmed that Apple has resolved the problems with the white iPhone 4, and that we’ll be seeing them soon. We recently reported that the fabled device has started appearing on AT&T and Best Buy computers.
Unfortunately, it has taken so much time to launch the white iPhone 4 that most users who were waiting for it have already bought the black model.

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