Word Lens Augmented Reality App For iPhone & iPod Touch Offers Real Time Translation

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There have been quite a few augmented reality apps for iOS since the ability to use them was introduced in iOS 3.1. Since then, apps like
(which lets you control a four-propellered flying machine with the help of an iPhone application) have been around.
It’s now time to turn your attention to another such app, which takes the use of augmented reality to the next level.
, which translates printed words from one language to another in real time. Using the built-in video camera on the iPhone and the current generation iPod Touch 4g, the application is able to superimpose translated text on to the screen of the iPhone offering quick, real time translation without the need for using services like Google Translate for example. You might want to call it an advanced version of
– a service, which already offers image to text recognition albeit in a much simpler form.
According to Quest Visual, the app took two and half years to develop and as of now, only translation from English to Spanish and vice versa is supported. The developers are working on adding more language packs in subsequent versions. Each of the language packs available now (English to Spanish and Spanish to English) costs $4.99 each. While that might sound a tad expensive, the results are quite spectacular as seen in this video demo below:
Also, like Google Translate, the translation is done on a word to word basis so it is futile to expect perfect transliteration results. However, we believe the idea is not to be grammatically correct here – but offer people a basic idea as to say what a sign in a different language or an item in a restaurant menu could possibly mean. This, the app can certainly do.
As always, let us know what you think of the iPhone app in the comments below.

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