Walt Mossberg Rates iPad As The “Best Product Of 2010″

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2010 is drawing to a close and it is that time of the year when we look back on the highs and lows of what’s happened over the past 52 weeks. One of the most important things to have happened this year is the birth of tablet computers as a usable alternate form factor.
Although tablet PCs did exist before, credit is definitely due for Apple who found success with the unveiling of the
in January this year.
In his latest show on WSJ Digits, prominent tech journalist, Walt Mossberg has shared his views on the best and worst products of 2010. Mossberg has rated
as the best product for 2010. He has noted that the iPad was ”
” considering that this was a first generation device. Also, with the roll out of the
, the iPad has an enhanced platform that keeps it ahead of competition from the likes of
Interestingly, despite the initial setbacks faced by Apple after the launch of
, Mossberg has included this latest generation iPhone in his ‘
‘ list. The iPhone 4 is ranked third along with
and behind 4G networks. Mossberg has also named Dell Streak, Google TV and TiVo Premiere in his ‘
‘ list.
Mossberg’s ratings pretty much sum up the newsmakers in 2010. Nearly a year after being unveiled, the iPad continues to lead competition. Apart from Samsung, none of the other major technology companies have managed to launch a viable iPad alternative. There are already rumors that a second generation iPad
that is likely to widen the gap between iPad and competition even further.
Also, Apple has managed to succesfully handle the massive negative publicity that iPhone 4 attracted early into its launch. Apple ‘s move to
has ensured that the iPhone continues to stay as one of the hottest selling smartphones in the American market.
Do you agree with Mossberg’s list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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