Sony PlayStation Phone Could Reignite Apple-Google Rivalry On Smartphone Gaming Front

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This smartphone, rumored to roll out early next year, is expected to integrate an Android phone with the gaming capabilities of a PSP – including the trademark gaming controls.
had recently managed to get hold of a video demo of the PlayStation phone in action. Internally codenamed Zeus Z1, the PlayStation phone will include an app that would offer all the popular PlayStation games on an Android platform. Check out the
video embedded below.
. While the two services may not be entirely comparable, it is quite safe to assume that the Zeus and iOS GameCenter shall appeal to the same target audience. Consequently, the PlayStation Phone could give Android a lot of ammunition in its fight against iOS in the smartphone segment.
This is not to say that a PlayStation app for iOS may not be coming at all in the future. The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones among
and game developers and so it is quite likely for Sony to bring its gaming platform to iOS as well. However, the rumored PlayStation phone is still likely to hold an edge over such a launch keeping in mind the native gaming controls that this phone is expected to come with.
As avid gamers ourselves, we look forward to the launch of this rumored phone since it is only good for the ecosystem as a whole. It will be interesting to see if and how Apple counters this launch with their own offering in the gaming segment. But having said that, it is also quite true that the launch of PlayStation on an Android platform may not go well with many die-hard PlayStation fans. Rene Ritchie from
“Can you imagine if instead of the iPhone Apple made an iPod app for Windows Mobile? If instead of webOS Palm had simply repackaged their emulator for BlackBerry? With Facebook and Mozilla abdicating mobile OS innovation at the concept stage, Sony was one of the few companies I hoped could be the next Apple , the next Palm. Sure they were content on the PC side to resell Windows but mobi is the next big thing and a chance to start over — just ask HP.
So instead of a PlayStation Phone we get a phone that runs PlayStation. We get an app. And if you’re Sony and one of your highest value brands is reduced to an app on someone else’s platform you’re doing it wrong.”
What are your views on this?

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