Quick Snap – Camera Plus App Pulled From App Store For Using Volume Buttons To Activate Camera Shutter

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A fortnight after it first arrived, the Quick Snap – Camera Plus application, which allowed iPhone  users to activate the camera shutter by pressing the volume buttons has been removed from the App Store.
review staff as it clearly violated Apple ’s policy of disallowing app developers to remap the hardware buttons on its devices. Apple has had a history of yanking apps that have managed to do this in the past.
It is highly unlikely that the app would be ever seen again on the App store – unless of course Apple decides to tweak its terms and conditions.
Camera+ App, one of the most popular apps was removed from the 
by Apple after the developer, 
, which allowed iPhone users to use the volume buttons as a camera shutter button.
after the developer resubmitted a new version of the app after removing the easter egg.
It is not clear if the developer plans to resubmit the app without the feature. It may be pointless as it was one of the main features of the app so it is likely that the developer will release the app on
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