Nielsen Study Finds iPhone And Android To Be “Most Desired” Smartphone Platforms

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” smartphone platform. The study, which was conducted between August and October this year, has come up with some pretty interesting findings.
According to the report, Apple ‘s iOS and Google’s Android OS are nearly tied at the moment for the ”
” tag with Apple enjoying a slight edge overall.
The survey report notes that iOS, Blackberry and Android presently constitute nearly 80% of the US smartphone market – a segment that makes up close to 30% of the total mobile subscriber base. Apple leads the pack at 27.9% ownership while Blackberry is a close second. However, when it comes to the ”
” OS, the survey found that a significant majority of customers preferred Apple ‘s iOS and Google’s Android over any other platform.
Among those who were likely to upgrade to a smartphone, Nielsen found that 30% of the surveyed consumers preferred the iPhone over
. Android phones came a close second at 28% and Blackberry handsets were third at a distant 13%. Android phones were more popular among users who owned a featurephone. The platform garnered 28% of the votes in this segment compared to iOS’ 25%. Among current smartphone owners though, Apple was found to enjoy a significant lead with over 35% of the surveyed users preferring an iPhone over rival handsets.
The Nielsen report notes that Apple enjoys a lead over rival plaform developers among all the age groups except those in the 35-54 group who seemed to prefer Android over iOS. The lead here though was less than 1 percentage point. Interestingly though, the report finds that more women preferred an iPhone over Android devices. On the other hand, Android found greater acceptance among the males.
in the smartphone OS segment. The report once again underlines the threat that
to the growth of iOS. Considering that one of the major complaints against the iPhone is its
, we wonder how long it would take Apple to open up the iPhone to other carriers in the United States.
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