Next Generation iPad To Feature Rear-Facing Camera And SD Card Slot?

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feature in iPhone 4 followed by iPod Touch 4G has led to speculations that the next generation iPad will get front-facing camera. However, opinion continues to be divided on the possibility of an additional rear-facing camera.
In October this year, research firm Detweiler Fenton had published a report where it had claimed that Apple
whose sensors shall be manufactured by OmniVision Technologies.
We now hear from multiple sources that these rumors might indeed turn out to be true. The sources in this case are primarily China-based accessory manufacturers who have posted images of next generation iPad cases on a number of Chinese eCommerce websites.
. Besides this, the casings also contain a couple of more slots for the dock connector, volume button and mute switch. Perhaps the most interesting revelation is however one another large slot at the bottom of the
that is located to the left of the dock connector. It is being speculated that the next generation iPad could possibly house a SD card slot at this position.
This speculation is further supported by a description accompanying the image that mentions SD card slot along with FaceTime video calling as some of the features offered on the new iPad. It is worth noting that the current version of iPad does not come with an SD card slot although users may utilize the $29
to transfer photos from an SD card to the iPad.
You can check out some of these iPad case pictures below. Also, checkout the video of one of the purported iPad 2 case embedded:
What do you think? Do you think Apple should offer a rear-facing camera and SD card slot in the next generation iPad? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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