More Evidence Of Verizon iPhone?

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related domains and
on its network (which has been speculated ever since Apple launched iPhone in 2007), it has certainly added fuel to the fire.
The iPhone related domain names were initially registered through GoDaddy to Jack Benton and then transferred to Mark Monitor domain service. The new registration information for the and domains are identical to other domain registered to Verizon, which indicates that Benton either transferred or sold the domains to Verizon. The entity “Verizon Trademark Services” that owns these domain names also owns the domain. The domains still don’t forward to Verizon’s official website, which could be to stay under the radar. But since domain registration information can be faked, this could well turn out to be a hoax.
You can checkout the screenshot of the WhoIS record of domain below:
Let’s hope that in 2011, we finally see the launch of 
so that it puts an end to these speculations.

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