iPhonECG Case Transforms Your iPhone Into A Wireless ECG Machine

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It’s truly amazing how mobile technology has evolved over the years. From devices that could only allow people to communicate with each other through voice it evolved to gadgets that could send text messages and soon e-mails, instant messaging, and now video calling where people can see each other and talk – real time.
Mobile devices have slowly entwined with our lives to the point that most people spend more time with their mobile phones than any other gadgets (or even people sometimes!).
With the arrival of the modern smartphone and more specifically, a revolutionary device called the
, the mobile phone gradually changed roles from being a traditional communication device to something that could do much more than a just making and receiving calls.
Anyway that was just a brief history as to how mobile phone technology has changed over the years. What we are talking about today is about an app for the iPhone that should really be heralded as revolutionary. While there have been medically inclined iPhone apps earlier too, most were for amateur use and some like the
(which measures your pulse and heart rate using the iPhone ’s camera and flash) were mostly used for fun.
However, the under development iPhonECG kit from AliveCor isn’t actually you might call a “fun” app. This is a fully functional diagnostic kit that turns your iPhone into a wireless clinical quality ECG (electrocardiogram) machine. If you’re not aware, an ECG machine is used to record the electrical activity in your heart using a bunch of electrodes plugged in to your skin. iPhonECG comes with a clip-on case that has two electrodes at its back. Once you attach it to your iPhone , the electrodes get the readings from your heart and transfer it to the custom app running on the iPhone . It uses Bluetooth to send the recorded data to the app.
Expected to be demoed at the CES 2011, the device when launched commercially would be available for less than $100. While we do not foresee iPhonECG replacing full-fledged ECG machines, we are sure that many people would find this app very useful – especially patients who has had a history of heart ailments and need to continuously monitor their heart rates.
Interestingly, it was not long ago that we had reported about an
. According to the patent, a heart sensor in the iPhone could be used to detect the user’s cardiac activity and authenticate the user based on the cardiac electrical signals received.
There is no word as to when iPhonECG would go on sale – but we sure are looking forward to seeing a demo of this one at CES 2011.

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