iAmiga: Commodore Amiga Emulator Coming To App Store

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developed by mobile developer Manomio back in September 2009? You might also recall that Apple had
back in September, which allowed interpreted code under certain circumstances, Manomio resubmitted their 
with BASIC enabled and after some correspondence with the developer, Apple approved the update.
More than a year later, Manomio is back in the news again – and here’s why!
TouchArcade has showcased a hands video of Commodore Amiga emulator called iAmiga from Manomio. Just like the Commodore 64 emulator, Manomio will be licensing the intellectual property from Commodore.
The video demo clearly shows a bunch of classic Amiga games like Defender of the Crown, Battle Squadron, International Karate +, R-Type, R-Type II, Speedball, Stunt Car Racer, Shadow of the Beast, Virus, and Xenon 2: Megablast being played on an iPhone 4. But it is still not clear which titles will make it to the final version of the emulator that would be available on the App Store as the licensing of the games is still in progress.
TouchArcade also adds that since the emulator uses ARM assembly optimized, emulated 68000 CPU core, it requires the ARM7x architecture, which means that older iPhones (prior to iPhone 3GS) will not be able to run the emulator. Manomio plans to add 
support in the future.
Manomio is yet to reveal a launch date as well.
If you are a connoisseur of classic arcade games, we’re sure you will be looking forward to the arrival of this Amiga Emulator on your iPhone .

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