HP’s WebOS Based PalmPad To Compete With iPad Coming Soon

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Last year at the CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer went gaga over the future of the tablet and it was quite ironical that not a single Windows based tablet have been able to make a commercial impact until now. Fast forward to a year and we have
virtually dominating the (still) nascent tablets space. Android based tablets like the Galaxy Tab and Notion Ink’s Adam are just trying to set their footsteps in the big, bad, competitive world of tablets.
Back then, the talk of the town (as well as the most desirable tablet around) was
, the Windows 7 based tablet. The HP Slate did arrive, months later – but targeted as a enterprise focused device. A major reason for HP not really pushing the Slate tablet was due to their billion dollar acquisition of the fledgling Palm Inc. With the acquisition of Palm, HP suddenly had the arsenal of the powerful WebOS, which according to many would suit a tablet more than Windows 7.
Anyway, until today we had heard of just speculations about a possible Palm based tablet from HP – But if we are to believe the latest report, HP is planning to introduce as many as three new models of its “PalmPad” at the CES 2011. The report adds that the PalmPad would be specs wise very similar to the Apple iPad – albeit a more feature packed one with stuff like front and rear camera’s, USB and HDMI ports. The three models would come with slightly different hardware configurations and would run a new version of WebOS. We know of the existence of these features partly because of this diagram that appears to be of the HP’s PalmPad.
Apparently, there is a fourth version as well which would not be displayed at the show. The PalmPad would support Sprint’s 4G networks as well. The PalmPad as it is now known would be released sometime around the month of March – at around the same time when the much rumored
would arrive. It would be interesting to see how the two would fare against each other then. Also, by then, we would be seeing Android tablets running on the much better, tablet friendly Honeycomb version of the OS rather than today’s phone oriented Froyo and Gingerbread.
What chances do you think will the PalmPad have against the likes of the iPad and the army of Android tablets set to arrive in early 2011?

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