CNN: iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ And iTunes Ping Rank Among Top ‘Tech Fails’ For 2010

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2010 has been a pretty eventful year as far as the technology segment is concerned. As Walt Mossberg recently pointed out, devices like the
have expanded the lexicon of a gadget enthusiast to also include tablet computers.
However, as it is with the past, this year too is not without its share of failed features and launches. In a recent edition, CNN has published their list of the ten biggest tech ‘
‘ for this year.
In their list, CNN has listed
, widely known as Antennagate, as the biggest tech fail for this year. One primary reason why AntennaGate could have made it to the top spot was because of what CNN perceives as Apple ‘s flip-flop over the reported problem. Doug Gross from CNN writes:
“First Apple said the problem didn’t exist. Then they said it was a software issue. Then they kind-of admitted it existed and gave away free cases to help. Then, they said it doesn’t really exist anymore and stopped giving away the bumpers.”
Ironically though, despite being featured as the product with the biggest ‘
‘ for this year, the
for 2010. In their annual ‘
‘ report, eBay has listed Apple ‘s iPhone 4 as the most popular item among shoppers this year. Gross concurs with this curious trend when he writes:
“Months later, the problem is all but forgotten and the phones show no sign of dipping in popularity. So “fail,” in this case, is a pretty relative term.”
– among its biggest tech fails for the year. The report notes that Apple failed to attract top music artists to the service. Also, the company’s
deprived valuable social integration that users would have wanted from such a network. Ping is listed at number 10 in the list behind products like
that failed to capture popular imagination as well.
Do you agree with CNN’s list? Tell us your top 10 in the comments below.

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